Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Google Adsense Program

The way Google’s Adsense program works is that Google places its ads on your page relevant to your context, someone interested in that ad clicks on it and you get paid. It’s that simple! Let’s suppose your website is about gardening, Google content reader will detect your content by certain keyword and displays the ad relevant to that subject. The advertiser, in turn, is hoping that you will buy the product they are displaying. But don’t think that you can just click away on you own ads.

If you think about it, Google must protect the integrity of this process. Let’s suppose you were the advertiser and your ads were being arbitrarily clicked for the purpose of gaining revenue, at your expense! Don’t think you can get away with asking friends or family to do the dirty deed for you. Google has a way of tracking ip addresses and will detect any unusual activity. Remember this process is designed to benefit both you and the advertiser so best to keep it on the up & up than risking being banned by Google. Once that happens, you cannot get your publisher number back.

The best news of all is that it is not necessary to “cheat” If you just go about you business and play by the rules it is easy to make money with Google Adsense. Of course you cannot just throw up any old thing and expect to start raking in the big bucks. Just like any good site, you must have good, interesting, and relevant content. It is a great concept that you can totally benefit from.

Remember, it is important to keep you site fresh and interesting. It is best target high paying low competition keywords to maximize your earnings. Some people prefer to target high volume low paying keywords; however this will only work if you have a ton of visitors coming to your site. Don’t rely of friends and family to click! This has no place in the Google Adsense program.

Think about it, If you spend the same time providing fresh relevant content to your site, you will be building a solid foundation for long term growth. When you put good relevant content on your site people will want to come back again and again. This is your long term goal. This good, fresh and relevant content will drive your referral program up and keep you excited about your site.

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